Saturday, 20 August 2022

In Technolgy

To grow, businesses in South Africa, or Africa need market and business intelligence that can only come from environments that are conducive to consume such, which before Cabanga Media Group, was impossible. From its founding in 2019, Cabanga Media Group has built a business ecosystem using media and web technology, for its customers and readers, in eight Africa countries. 

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Facebook has changed its name to Meta, a brilliant move from a Blue Ocean Shift perspective; a shift presenting new product and service journeys for the group, and its communities of Advertisers, Content Creators, Developers and Partners as virtual reality takes over the next marketing age of economics. The Metaverse is here!

In South Africa, for a successful Digital Marketing strategy for business owners, there is need to conduct a Social Media Audit of the business and its brands. Just as in Accounting, an Audit helps measure performance and identify challenges that need to be overcome, to ultimately point at profitability; so, it is with social media for a business's Digital Marketing strategy.

Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd is publisher of thoughtful business magazines in several African markets, whose titles include Cabanga Magazine in South Africa, Moakanyi Magazine in Botswana, Mufakir Magazine in Egypt, Fikiria Magazine in Kenya, Yaada Magazine in Ethiopia, Ironu Magazine in Nigeria, and Ganizo Magazine in Zambia.