Saturday, 20 August 2022
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Cabanga Magazine | The Business Owner's Magazine | South Africa

Cabanga Magazine, founded in 2019, is an insightful magazine for business owners in South Africa, that publishes thoughtful editorials, cutting-edge topics and futuristic content for progress and profitability of stakeholders. The digital magazine is published monthly in South Africa, with an international edition accessible to emerging markets.

Some of the most notable editions of the magazine include features issues like The Relationology of Mr Price, Motsepification, Credibility Diplomacy, Agriconomy of South Africa, The Future is Green, The Standard of Banking, just to name a few, that have been downloaded over a million times.


The magazine focuses on issues affecting the business owner, ranging from finance to marketing, regulations, technology and more. Cabanga Magazine's mission is to become a powerful platform for business owners through its publication of insightful articles that will inspire, educate and enhance the reader’s knowledge as a business owner. The magazine's content featured various bright ideas from knowledgeable experts as well as top entrepreneurs who have been successful in their respective ventures.


The magazine has a progressive and profitability approach to its topics, with a host of masters in their trade, as contributors from across the country. Sections of the magazine include Business, Technology, Agriculture, Governance, Leisure, Finance, Property and Industry. The magazine's editorial staff are highly qualified, with a vast experience of entrepreneurship and business, both local and international. The magazine provides opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to get published in its publication.


Cabanga Magazine recognizes business owners who are consistent in their businesses by highlighting them in the magazine's monthly edition. The featured business owner is part of an entrepreneur club that offers opportunities to network while also being featured on the cover of the magazine’s edition.

Cabanga Magazine published Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd. Cabanga Media Group is a media and business services company with interests in South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia that includes Cabanga Magazines, Cabanga Intelligence Unit (CIU), Cabanga Content Services, and Cabanga Books.

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Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd is publisher of thoughtful business magazines in several African markets, whose titles include Cabanga Magazine in South Africa, Moakanyi Magazine in Botswana, Mufakir Magazine in Egypt, Fikiria Magazine in Kenya, Yaada Magazine in Ethiopia, Ironu Magazine in Nigeria, and Ganizo Magazine in Zambia.