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Cabanga Magazines

Sisonke Digital | Together. Digitally.

Sisonke Digital is a Social Media Agency based in the North West city of Klerksdorp in South Africa that helps starts and small businesses do business on social media, growing brands, products and services. 

Cabanga Academy | learning Digital the African Way

Cabanga Academy is a consulting academy that teaches Digital the African Way, in South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia, run by Kufunga Cabanga Group and its partners. Through its partners such as Step By Step Consulting Group SA, OpenKasi Foundation, BM School (Zambia, Zimbabwe), the courses on offer include Digital Marketing, Digital Journalism, Digital Design, and Digital Brand Diplomacy.

The academy was incubated in a Southern Africa country with tough economics, and afterward deployed within the publishing networks of the Kufunga Cabanga Group, with the initial intent of training its staff compliment, but soon grew out of the sympathy market entering consulting and mentorships in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. 

The Digital Marketing course includes potent and practical modules for an African setting, that include Internet and Social Media Fundamentals; Content Marketing; Social Media Advertising; Email Marketing; Social Media Public Relations; Social Media Security; Consumer Behaviour and Analytics; and Cyber Anti-terrorism & Strategy.

For course details, please contact academy(at)

Kupa Creative | A Creative Design Agency | uBumbulu Since 2010

Kupa Creative is an advertising design business established in February 2010, and has since then designed brands, adverts, and ran campaigns for well over a millennium in several African cities.  Kupa Creative has clients in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, United Kingdom, DUbai (UAE), Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and Australia, brands that have been created from logo concept to marketing material, digital, and campaigns for businesses, products, and organisations that went from local to international in the last decade. Attached below is the 

Moakanyi Magazine | March 2020 | The Flying Economy

There are six distinct aspects of economic thought in Botswana that an investor or entrepreneur trading in the country must be aware of, all cited in specific factors of an economy in flight – Botswana's Financial sector, Meat Sector, Technology, Energy, Development, and Business Enabling Environment. 

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